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WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most popular social applications in the world. It allows you to use several methods of communication, including text and voice notifications, audio and video calls. Today, the number of active users of the WhatsApp application has reached almost 2.8 billion, and this figure is continuously growing every month.

As with most modern instant messengers and social networks, registration on WhatsApp occurs by specifying a phone number and then verifying it. But how to register on WhatsApp without recording your personal phone number? Buying a virtual WhatsApp number on the DID Virtual Numbers website is a guaranteed and reliable option for registering in a well-known application.

Virtual number for WhatsApp: how does it work?

When registering an account on WhatsApp, the application requests a phone number in international format, after which it sends an SMS message with a six-digit digital verification code. If you do not want to register WhatsApp with your own phone number, buying a WhatsApp number on didvirtualnumbers.com is the best option to solve this problem.

A temporary number for WhatsApp will allow you to maintain anonymity when registering in the application, and will also be a solution to the problem if you need to use several WhatsApp accounts for personal and work tasks.

Purchasing process virtual number very simple and will only take you a few minutes. Top up your balance in your personal account, select the number type and country, place an order and pay for it. The number will be ready for use in a few minutes. To buy a WhatsApp number on the DID VN website, use any payment method suitable for you: bank card, e-wallet, cryptocurrency.

Buy a phone number for WhatsApp: types of numbers

Disposable number for WhatsApp: this is a type of phone number that is used once when registering in the application to verify the user, after which the number becomes inactive. At its core, this is the left number for WhatsApp, which can be used when checking your account at the registration stage. Each number can only be used for one WhatsApp account.

Renting a WhatsApp number: this is a solution for long-term goals. This type can be considered both as a number for registering WhatsApp, and for active use in other instant messengers, social networks, email clients and other services where registration through a phone number may be required. Payment for this type of room is charged monthly.

In the messenger market, WhatsApp confidently occupies one of the leading positions and demonstrates growing influence as the main communication tool around the world. As a result of this progress, there is a constant increase in demand for registering new accounts on WhatsApp to solve business problems or personal goals. Buy a number for Whatsapp is a safe and affordable solution for anonymous WhatsApp registration messenger. Take advantage of the unique capabilities of Internet telephony with the DID Virtual Numbers service!

When purchasing a number for WhatsApp, you can choose the phone number of the country that is most convenient for you. Among the countries whose numbers are presented on the website didvirtualnumbers.com you will find the USA, Great Britain, China, Germany, Russia and many others.

Virtual WhatsApp number: when will it be useful?

In what cases will buying a number for WhatsApp be 100% the right decision when creating an account in the WhatsApp messenger?

  1. Your personal data remains confidential if you do not specify a personal phone number during the registration process in the application, but choose to use a virtual online number. At the same time, after using such a number to register for WhatsApp, it cannot be reused by anyone. Thus, your account will not be accessible to unauthorized persons.
  2. The DID VN company offers you to buy virtual numbers for WhatsApp and get the opportunity to separate business and personal communication in the messenger. You can register multiple profiles on WhatsApp to promote your business, for marketing purposes or for personal communications.
  3. Buying a WhatsApp number is a profitable solution if you need to install the messenger on a desktop computer, tablet or laptop without using a SIM card.
  4. Registration through a virtual number will save you from annoying phone calls with advertising, SMS mailings and other spam that often comes to your personal phone number if you use it when registering in applications.

How to buy a virtual number for WhatsApp?

You can buy a number for WhatsApp by following these steps:

  • Register in your personal account on the DID Virtual Numbers website and log in
  • Top up your balance in your personal account
  • Select the required number type and country. Specify the WhatsApp service type if you are purchasing a disposable number.
  • Pay the cost of the selected number and connect it.
  • Enter the purchased phone number in the required window when registering in the WhatsApp messenger, confirming it with the code from the SMS message.

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