Refund Policy

Dear Customer! Thank you for choosing our service and purchasing products on the site.

Please note that after replenishing the balance of your Personal Account on our website, you can use these funds to pay for our services at any time. The balance does not burn out, does not disappear or is not blocked, except in cases where the user's account was deleted at the request of the client, or the account was blocked at the request of law enforcement agencies.

Please read the information below carefully.

❗ We guarantee return of funds to the balance of the Personal Account if:

  • the rented room is not open for more than 24 hours; refund to the balance is carried out for the number of days when the number was unavailable; the number is considered non-working from the moment the client contacts;
  • the number is disconnected / blocked by the local telecom operator for reasons not related to the client's activities;
  • we cannot provide the paid room for reasons beyond our control;
  • The SMS was not received on the one-time SMS number.

❗ We do not provide a refund to the client on the balance (from other balance) of the Personal Account If:

  • the client deactivated the service before the end of the paid period at his own request, and this is not related to problems in the operation of the number.
  • the registration code was displayed in the order table of the nonce. The obligations of the company to provide the service of a one-time number in this case are considered fulfilled. Questions regarding the maintenance of an account registered to such a number are beyond our responsibility.

❗ We guarantee return of funds to the client from the balance of the Personal Account* if:

  • we cannot provide the paid number due to the lack of numbers of this country/city on sale, while the number was available for ordering on the website;
  • the connected number does not work/stopped working due to the fault of the local carrier, and we cannot provide a replacement number of the same country/city.

* Please note that not all payment methods support refunds. If payment was made through one of these methods, we will offer alternative refund options.

❗ we do not provide a refund to the client from the balance of the Personal Account If:

  1. the client disabled/deleted paid services and unused funds remained on the balance;
  2. to connect the number, documents confirming the identity of the end user are required, the client got acquainted with these requirements when ordering, but refuses to provide all the documents necessary to activate the number;
  3. the customer has used our products for purposes contrary to local law; the product was used for fraud; we have received a complaint from a local number provider or from law enforcement;
  4. the client ignored the "restrictions" for the SMS number; in this case, cancellation of the order or free replacement of the number with another one is also not provided;
  5. It is not a reason for a refund if the Caller ID service (determining the rented number) cannot be provided for outgoing calls for technical reasons;
  6. the client changed his mind about ordering a room;
  7. the client topped up the balance by accident;
  8. other situations related to the fact that the client did not understand or did not understand how our services work.

❗ Refunds to the client or to the balance of the Personal Account are carried out for a period not exceeding one month.

Refunds to the balance are carried out automatically within 1-5 business days.

Refunds to the client are carried out upon request. Return requests are accepted by email and are considered by our company within 2 working days from the moment of its receipt. The return request must include:

  • service name;
  • the amount and reason for the return;
  • details for a refund.
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