Privacy Policy

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, DID Virtual Numbers, its parent companies and subsidiaries are hereinafter referred to as the performing party. The customer side refers to the users of the products and services of the contractor side.

1. Collected information

The performing party collects various types of information to effectively manage products and services, as well as improve their quality.

The Performer Party collects information during registration, login and use of our products and services. It may also receive information from third-party products, if such occurs within the limits delineated by law.

The performing party collects information in a variety of ways, including web forms, cookies, written support system communications, and the like.

2.Use and storage of personal information

The third party uses the information collected to manage and improve the products and services offered.

The executing party may use this information to communicate with the customer side, for example, to inform about important changes in operation or updating the list of services.

The actions of the performer's side are aimed at the safe storage of information about users. It does not receive or store any financial information about payments from the customer side.

The Contracting Party does not release confidential information about the Customer Party to anyone in any way, except as described in the Privacy Policy.

The executor side takes all necessary measures in order to protect the customer database. Information protection methods and encryption tools used are a trade secret and are not subject to disclosure.

The performing party shall store all information received from the customer's side only for the time necessary for the agreed purposes, and use it only as agreed in this confidentiality agreement. Then this information will be deleted from the system of the performer's side.

3. Conditions for the disclosure of information about the customer side

The performing party may provide generalized, depersonalized information (hereinafter: information that does not contain personalized data) to third parties, within the framework regulated by international law. An example of such provision is the statistics collected by Google from the site, through the Google Analytics code.

The exception to this rule is the disclosure of information on legal grounds. The performing party will be forced to disclose your personal data in response to an effective, legitimate and justified request from the authorities.

4. Changes in the personal data of the customer

To change or update personal information, the customer side can visit the personal account. In this section, it will be able to make all the necessary updates. In addition, the customer party may change or update personal information by sending an electronic written notice with requirements to e-mail.

Requests for change and deletion of personal data of the customer's side will be satisfied within 30 days after they are received.

5.Terms of use

By using the services and products of the contractor's side, the customer's side expresses its consent to the terms and conditions of the confidentiality agreement. These terms and conditions can be changed at any time unilaterally, and not earlier than the advance publication of such information on the site of the contractor's side on the corresponding page.

By using the services and products of the Contractor's side, the Customer agrees that you will not use the Contractor's web resource or any of its products in a way that violates or harms the rights of a third party. The products and services of the contractor's side may not be used for illegal purposes, as well as for purposes that may lead to legal prosecution of the customer's side.

6.Reimbursement Policy

In accordance with the guarantees provided by the contractor party as compensation for damages, in case the customer party is not satisfied with the service: in accordance with the legislation regarding sales in online stores, the Buyer has the right to cancel his order within 2 working days from the moment when service was rendered to him. In order to agree on a refund, the customer must contact the phone number indicated in the contacts of the site or send a written request to the official DID Virtual Numbers e-mail.

7.Other important information.

The web resource of the contractor's side may contain links to other websites. The performing party is not responsible for the privacy practices they have and for the content on their websites, or their websites in general.

If the customer side needs to request from the contractor a copy of the stored information about the customer side, it can do this through the contacts indicated in the “Contacts” section on the web resource. Please note that according to the legislation of your country, this service may be paid.

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